Tales From /lost+found 113: The Man With the Golden Screwdriver

I guess we’ve got to do one of these again. Please let my over-the-top terrible puns comfort you in this time of sadness.

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What if…

The Doctor’s defense at trial had been too successful?

The Time Lords do not interfere in the affairs of the lower races. At least, that’s the official story. But there in the shadows, unknown to the universe at large, unknown even to most among the Time Lords, are the secret guardians. The Celestial Intervention Agency: the Time Lords’ highly secret organization devoted to the preservation of a universe fit for their civilization to live in. And their most dangerous, most impossible missions fall to one man: Special Agent Theta Sigma.

It is job for which he has a unique talent, but not one he relishes. Sentenced to a thousand years of community payback, Agent Theta Sigma misses the life of a carefree wanderer and resents the solitude and lack of personal connections his new role requires. But when a renegade Time Lord plots to transmogrify the entire human race into his own personal army with which to conquer the universe, it’s not exactly a mission he can refuse.

The name is Sigma. Theta Sigma. And he’s no saint.

Starring Roger Moore as Theta Sigma.

Also starring Alex MacQueen as Mister M and Billie Piper as Piper Goldenrod


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