Great Men Are Forged in Fire

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Yes, I’ve seen it.

Yes, I’m a bit disappointed.

No, I am not surprised. Of course it was that. We all knew it would be. (I still don’t know why we all knew that since, as I think I adequately covered, there was exactly zero evidence for it).

I still think there’s something huge we’ve missed, because otherwise Moffat has pretty much completely failed at what he actually set out to do. (And if this were “the” big twist, you wouldn’t reveal it in a preview. No, the big message of this minisode is really “That bit isn’t the big thing you should be wondering about.” Like, is there an implication there that The Warlock is less “the one who broke the promise” and more “the breaking of the promise” — what he is rather than what he did? I’ve got a new theory about his story, but I’m keeping this one to myself I think)

And yes, I am squeeing like a little girl that we got [SPOILER], and they didn’t even make him wear the wig.

Doctor Who: Night of the Doctor

Great men are forged in fire, it is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame

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