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A Regrettable Analogy is like a Sucking Chest Wound Full of Hitler

From The Washington Post
Seems that the recession is causing more children to fall into poverty…

In Michigan, for example, the rate of children living in poverty rose by more than a third, from 14 percent in 2000 to 19 percent in 2007. In Ohio, the number went up by almost a fifth in the same period, from 16 to 19 percent.
“They’re like a canary in a coal mine,” Beavers said. “We’re likely to see this pattern repeated in many states.”

Remember folks, in times of recession, Kids are like a canary in a coal mine.


Mostly by way of demonstrating to my readers (both of you) that I’m still alive.
Things I discovered this past weekend:
1. The lights in the front of the basement, and correspondingly the electrical outlet on the base of the light fixture, are on the same circuit as the back of the living room where my linux box is plugged in, the back of the office where the rest of the computers are plugged in, and the front of the office where the air conditioner is plugged in
2. The light in the back of the basement is on the same circuit as the washing machine
3. Leah’s vacuum cleaner plus the three computers in the office plus the air conditioner plus the one computer in the living room all together draw more than 15 amps.
4. So does Leah’s vacuum cleaner plus the washing machine.